Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Welcome to -CLICK-

So at the urging of alot of really good friends I have decided to open up a blog about my store for new releases and my product. So.. welcome to -CLICK- props for the professional photographer.

While I was doing a few pictures for portfolios in Second Life I noticed one thing.. that there were backgrounds and their were poses, But there was nothing that combined the two. So I wanted to really bring the background into the picture. So I developed -CLICK- fully integrated backgrounds that include custom poses developed for the scene. While developing the product I decided I needed to create somthing everybody could use. So as I was building I decided I wanted to have several genres to choose from.. Classy, Grungy, Weird, Casual, and Special.

My first prop was more of a test for the idea.. The Ritz..

The elevator

My 2nd prop was one I took alot of time to develop the Grunge Alley

The Alley by CLICK

Up next was my attempt at weird .. The Vault (a bdsm type of prop) interesting note was that all of the poses were done in reverse for a true mirror picture.

The vault 3

Went with casual next.. The Bedroom

"The Bedroom" from -CLICK- 3

After that I went with special.. The Detectives office.

The Detectives Office

So.. after a small break in SL I came back to continue my product.. and have produced 6 more sets .. and in the next Blog I will do a more in depth on each of the sets

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