Friday, June 4, 2010

The -CLICK- Story continued

After dealing with some real life stuff, I came back to start working on my Props business again.

I changed my pose partners to Glitterati and Long Awkward Poses and developed 4 new props with them.

First up was a tribute to a certain movie with a character who is just in love with fashion.
The Closet was a collaboration with Katey from Glitterati. When you see this closet don't get Carrie'd Away by the "BIG" prop.

The Closet by -CLICK- and Glitterati

Next up, my Crypt. It was near Halloween so I wanted a well, Halloween prop. :P So Katey and I decided to work together again to produce the crypt.

The Crypt 2

After those, Dove from Long Awkward Poses and I worked together to produce two quick props.

First up for this was The Runway.
-CLICK- The Runway 2

After that I went back to my genre list and saw I needed a weird one. So I made a Casino.
The Casino, Crypt, and Runway had the pose system changed so that you could have multiple people in a prop. Up to 30 people per prop for massive group shots.

The Casino prop

Stay tune kiddo's tomorrow I will blog bout my two newest releases. Until then be sure to stop by -CLICK- to check out the live demos of these Professional Props.

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